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Elevate your brand with Ascendant Design with everything from brand strategy to design & development. We provide award-winning, top-quality solutions for all of our clients, and are proud of our proven track-record of success.

I create phenomenal print designs, web designs, to help brands reach their highest goals and beyond.
Years of Design
Experience in Both
Print and Web
National and international brands worked with, providing lasting solutions


Providing clients with the best of the best products and services is what Ascendant Design is all about, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make sure our clients are always ecstatic with the results of our work.

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Are you interested in finding that perfect creative for your open illustrative (vector or rasterized) roll, someone who can provide breathtaking unique and/or boutique designs? The top section of the portfolio page highlights more of my creative work! Check it out via the link below.

Employee Positive Mindset Stickers

Car Vinyl for Community Investment

Vector Illustration for Wallwraps

Successful Ascendant
Design Projects


My Skillsets

I am a passionate creative who values developing deeply connected brands, services, and campaigns to enable stable and successful relationships between businesses and customers.

Print Design

From proper use of spot colors, to knowing how to run the front-end of a print shop, my design skills include more than just the normal print designer.

–  Business Cards
–  Brochures
–  Flyers
–  Magazines
–  Billboards
–  Car wraps
–  And much, much more

UX/UI & Web Design

Web design is valid now more than ever, and I’m proud to have a deep understanding and extended experience with UX design as well as anything needed to be known to be called an expert web designer.

–  Website creation
–  HTML/CSS Knowledge
–  Interactive Media
–  JavaScript Experience
–  Web Ads/Resource Creation
–  Mobile app creation


10 years ago, I couldn’t ever imagine being an illustrator.  But after a few coincidental projects, I fell in love with it, and usually find myself as the primary illustrator at any in-house marketing group I work with.

–  Vector Illustration Master
–  Photoshop Wizard
–  Ability to Adapt to Any Style
–  Blends Seamlessly Into Designs
–  3D Sculpting & Modeling


Ah, the core skill behind all previously listed.  I’ve worked for many top-name brands, and live the designer branding-is-life code to the fullest.  Heck, I even have printed brand standards brochures for both my businesses.

–  Brand Creation/Development
–  Brand Management
–  Maintaining multiple brands

03 // Recognition

Project Awards

While my primary skillsets are in graphic design, my experience and success in different arts ranges from illustration to 3D modeling and video game design.

2019 GDUSA In-house Design Awards: Core Values Wallwrap

2018 GDUSA Inhouse Design Award: “Peace, Love, Babies” Campaign

2018 GDUSA Inhouse Design Award: Cystic Fibrosis Community Investment Campaign

2019 March of Dimes Community Investment Campaign Award

2018 March of Dimes Community Investment Campaign Award

2017 March of Dimes Community Investment Campaign Award

2017 CASE Gold Award for Campus Map Brochure

2017 CASE Silver Award for “Game NOT Over” Magazine Spread

2017 CASE Bronze Award “Under the Trellis” Invitation Illustrations

Years of Print and Digital Design Experience
Years of In-House and Agency Experience


Our clients describe us as
"a creative powerhouse who consistently generates unique and phenomenal"
print & digital experiences.

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Since 2006, I’ve created thousands upon thousands of unique designs in both 2D art and 3D art to reach where I am now. Check out some of my recent works.

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